Our History

Equal rights;
Equal oppurtunities.


MAVIM was very aptly established in the year 1975, which was
International Women’s Year. Initially set up to enhance skilling and
employability of the female population, in the year 1990 MAVIM
revaluated its goals in collaboration with its invaluable partners
(MRCB, IFAD) and 4 major objectives were identified.
• Capacity Building
• Institution Building
• Access to Credit
• Access to Information

Despite their extensive contribution to agriculture, animal husbandry
and within the household, the per capita productivity of women was
very low. A lot of their labour went unacknowledged and this made
women seem un-bankable.
For a long time, development programs did not focus on women’s
needs and priorities, but the access to information has led to the
vocalization of women’s interests and subsequent
gender-mainstreaming in policy and development.

At the same time, the SHG movement began
gaining momentum around the world which
paved the way for a new approach to the
problem. Thus, a multi-pronged intervention
using a combination of SHGs, technology and
empowerment programs was devised to
socially empower women and get them to
participate in decision-making processes.

Social Revolution.

Background on
MAVIM’s Approach.

SHG medium is a fundamental
building block


Build gender sensitivity in women
and with men

as a Catalyst

Playing the role of educators
and facilitators