Building Independence.



The women of today are dynamic, capable and have
a lot to contribute to the betterment of society.

There has been a major change in their self-image over the past
30 years. Their sense of self-worth has increased, along with the
realization that they deserve far more than what they have been
allowed thus far. The overall levels of aspiration have increased,
as has their ability to negotiate. As women’s self-perception has
evolved and matured, new and progressive initiatives need to be
designed accordingly .

MAVIM’s goal is to gradually make gender
sensitivity an essential part of the collective
social mindset.

The overarching philosophy is that
everything is done for the betterment
of the community as a whole.

Members of the community are always consulted
during the decision-making process and the
agendas and programs are designed and
implemented in a collaborative manner.

As an organization, MAVIM strives to build a community of
independent women; all programs are structured such that they
are self-sustaining and do not rely upon MAVIM to be successful.

We don’t work just for scale, but also for depth; a lot of emphasis is
placed on capacity building and the onus for real change is kept
on the community, allowing them to them remain accountable for
their successes and failures.

The key to sustainability is building a variety of soft skills, life skills
and self confidence.