MAVIMas a Catalyst

as a Catalyst.


MAVIM acts as a liaison between the rural women and various private and governmental institutions that can assist them in gaining greater autonomy. One of the ways to successfully empower women is to provide them with a platform to save.

Sensitising banks is also required to assist with the needs of the financially challenged. To show that they are credit-worthy; MAVIM has linked communities to banks, supported by RBI + NABARD resolutions that support SHG’s ability to open accounts.

Under MAVIM’s influence

• 2,000 cr worth of loans has been dispersed in
the last 5 years with 100% repayment.

• Working with Gram Panchayats to develop how
women can become members, access the 30%
reservation and do justice to her role in the GP
in a an effective way (contributing to agendas,
knowing responsibilities to the GP and
the community).

• The SHGs established by MAVIM have reached
maturity. 40% are above the age of 10 years and
many have accumulated a significant corpus.
MAVIM plays an important role in advising SHGs
on how to use their money as seed seed capital
to set up larger-scale livelihoods with more
potential to earn.